We always seek the Lord for wisdom and discernment to 'rightly divide the Word' in every aspect of ministry, and those who have sat under Tom's teaching appreciate his comprehensive study notes that always accompany his teaching.  As well, some of his articles from the past few years have been featured in RaptureReady.com which is one of the resources you will find in our Resources tab.

Although our primary focus is evangelism, we believe that it should be coupled with eschatology (the study of end times).  The puzzle pieces of Biblical prophecy are all falling into place in preparation for the imminent rapture of the Church, the seven year tribulation and then the return (second coming) of Jesus Christ.  Therefore, evangelism goes hand in hand with eschatology as we see that the days in which we live are evil with good being called bad and bad being called good.

We trust the Lord will quicken your heart and open your eyes to His eternal Truth as you genuinely seek to know Him and understand His Word to us.  "The unfolding of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple." Psalm 119:130


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